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The Multi-Vendor Outsourcing

The Education business today needs greater flexibility and agility to deal with the changing business requirements and a new technology landscape, and expect the same from their service providers, too. This has fundamentally altered the model of outsourcing.

Organizations are breaking their outsourcing engagements into multiple parts to access niche expertise, enhance quality of services, and redefine cost structures. However, the old adage of the cooks and the broth holds true here as well—if improperly managed, the new model can be as fragile as a house of cards. Success hinges on carefully crafted contracts, integrated objectives, and strong governance. This is a guide to getting it right.

In today’s, complex, multi-vendor service delivery models offer the potential outsourcing marketplace benefits of leveraging the best-of-breed capabilities. However, they also pose the formidable challenge of integrating and coordinating myriad players with varying roles and responsibilities and ensuring collaboration among disparate teams of providers.

A well-defined governance framework enables service providers to view a single objective or goal, with adequate control mechanisms, service level agreements (SLAs), and penalties.

We encourage Vendor Outsourcing and Business Tie-Ups to:

Drive greater competitiveness and lead to better service levels, as vendors raise the bar to deliver better services and provide greater value.
Reduce risk significantly as organizations are not locked in to a single service provider model.
Equip organizations with the capability of gaining access to experts in specific domains, business processes, or technologies